VENICE DIARY I || 24.08.2014

Chiesa di San Geremia Chiesa di San Geremia from a different angle Long time no see! You may have noticed that it was very silent on my blog for three months and that I changed my 'blog language' from German to English. The reason for the change is, when I blog in English I can reach more people from all over the world, which would mean that more people can read my blog and write what they think about my photos, outfits and generally about my posts. Yes, you have read right 'outfits'. Soon there will be more posts about my passion fashion!
To talk about the photos from this post I have to mention that I spent two weeks of my summer vacation at the Lake Garda in Italy and for one day we drove to Venice which is the reason why there will be a Venice Diary and a Lake Garda Diary. The photos show the Chiesa di San Geremia, a Church at the Canal Grande on the way from the railway station Santa Lucia to Piazza San Marco. We went to Venice from the Lake Garda by train because it is easier and more relaxing. And by the way at the railway station are some cool shops like Sephora, Moleskine and Calzedonia but you have to know Calzedonia which is a swimwear shop for women is in every bigger city in Italy so it is nothing special there. A city like Venice is more made to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful houses and canals than to go shopping to be honest but there are some cool shops as I mention before where you can go when you are in Venice for more than one day or you have some time left. Stay tuned for more Diaries. x

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