VENICE DIARY II || 05.09.2014

profumo duo The first picture in this post was taken in Palazzo Mocenigo and shows an old perfume bottle. We discovered the little museum while we were on our way to Piazza San Marco. The exhibition in the museum shows the life of venetian aristocrazy around the 17th and 18th century and there are some rooms showing special things about the venetian perfume history, but since our time in Venice was limited we didn't spend much time in the museum and only were there for a short time. I feel like I don't have to explain the second picture because the canals are very typical for Venice. I think the other pictures I took in Venice won't be published here, because I'm not 100 procent happy with them. I'm also not sure if there will be other posts from my vacation at the lake, since I didn't take much photos there, because we have often been there.

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